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There might be a lot of contemporary drawings indexed in art auctions that never get a bidder. Several many aspects of this. Just one among the main reasons is how the starting bid is set so high that it discourages interest. There was a skill auction to obtain drawing has been created in 2000 that depicted James Dean welcoming Elvis Presley into joy. The starting price for this art auction was twelve million budget. I am not surprised that it did not get a bidder.


This means calling your go getters to make sure that they don't need anything. This is important because I have found that someone may be having problems and are too scared to call me to ask for help. I don't mind calling them just to make sure.


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Because without you even knowing it you are building leaders in your group just because of your actions. They may be following you now, but they will break away one of these days to be the leader of their
own group and you can look back and relize that it is from them following you that they were able to lead the way they are today.


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Not many of us realize that being a salesman can have benefits above and beyond what you can expect from a regular office job. In selling, the sky's is the limit to what you can reach. You are limited only by how much you are willing to work to achieve your objectives.


Of course selling is also serious job, involving real issues and very real pressurers, but perhaps no other job lets you express yourself more, explore your full capabilities and truly enjoy life, while earning lots of money on the side. Many of us need to use sales techniques sometimes. So, learning how to prepare and pitch your idea or product effectively is a great skill to have. As a non-salesperson, the consultative selling model is an effective model to use, because it uses trust and respect as its foundation.

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